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CFO services - advanced financial management and accounting

Professional CFO Services for startups with an emphasis on SaaS companies. building financial infrastructures that will lead the company's growth over time. Helping with fundraising, feasibility testing and negotiation management.

Building business plans for start-ups and technology companies

Budget and control supervision, cash flow planning, monthly management reports for investors and company management.
Our accounting services will give you an up-to-date and true picture of the business, including real-time control of the expenses

ERP Bookkeeping and payroll for Israeli and International companies

Accounting services for Israeli and US base companies . Taking care of all Taxes including Federal and State taxes. Working with a multi-currency bookkeeping software and in multi national environment, in advanced ERP systems

Accounting services, local and international tax planning

Our office offers accounting services at a boutique level, with service and professionalism above all. Including accompanying multinational companies.

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About us

AccountX boutique for financial services

AccountX was founded by Zohar Bar Chen, an accountant and LLM with more than 20 years of experience as CFO in public and private companies including  startups.

Zohar founded AccountX in order to provide external financial management at the highest level to startups and technology companies, including its professional accompaniment from the idea to the exit.

Zohar is a member of the Innovation and Fintech Committee of the Chamber of Accountants. and accompanies dozens of technological companies in a variety of technological sectors.

Lecturer in incubators and accelerators in the field of financial management for companies, and start-up companies.

Expert in writing business plans from the idea stage to recruitment specializing in SaaS, Fintech, Medical device, Cyber companies

Our specialties

Startup and Tech Companies

Startup companies have different characteristics, in terms of scale, reports to investors and VC, this is our specialty, let us help you.

SaaS Companies

SaaS companies Operationally and financially are unique . We have extensive experience in billing and clearing of SaaS companies. We will support the growth of the company with control pricing and budget.

Online and Adtech Companies

At AccountX, we have extensive experience in Fintech and trading technology companies as well as Adtech companies. We will help you in setting up controls, handling regulation and safeguarding the company assets

CFO services for startups, Adtech and ONLINE companies

The professional team of AccountX will support all financial aspects of the company, starting from Bookkeeping, building Business plan and accounting 

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יתרונות מנהל כספים במיקור חוץ

Last Updated on April 22, 2024 by Zohar שירותי ניהול כספים במיקור חוץ בסביבה העסקית המהירה של ימינו, ארגונים קטנים עד בינוניים (SME) וסטארטאפים מתמודדים עם אתגרים רבים, כולל מורכבות

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הקמת חברה בקפריסין

פתיחת חברה במדינה זרה יכול להיות מרגש ומאתגר כאחד, ועם התוכנית העסקית הנכונה, נוכל לדאוג לכך שהוא יהיה גם מצליח ורווחי. עבור יזמים ישראלים המעונייים להרחיב את עסקיהם בקפריסין, ישנם

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תוכנית עסקית -אפליקציית מובייל

כתיבת תוכנית עסקית לאפליקציית מובייל הדבר הראשון שאנו עושים בכל דבר חשוב בחיים הוא לתכנן אותו. לשלב הזה בסטראט אפ קוראים תוכנית עסקית.  בתוכנית העסקית אנחנו נתכנן מהיכן יגיעו ההכנסות, על

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