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Business plan

A business plan is used by entrepreneurs, banks and investors to understand how the company will reach their milestones for success. The plan usually includes the initial investment, payroll and HR planning, marketing and sales, operating and other expenses. A business plan is of great importance in properly planning the budget and resources of the venture. At AccountX, we have 20 years of experience, and dozens of satisfied clients in writing business plans.

Preparation of revenue budget

In a startup, it is very important to correctly write the revenue budget, identify the revenue model, calculate LTV from a customer, as well as define a primary market for the product.

Marketing and sales budget

What are the channels for recruiting customers, calculating customer CAC, and defining the MARKET FIT of the product. We at Accountix will accompany you at eye level in the preparation of the business plan

Cash Flow

Cash is king, a cash flow report is the most important report. This report will be used by banks and investors to examine the feasibility of investing in a project.

Capital / fundraising required - various scenarios

Before setting out, it is important to understand what the minimum required capital is, and to what milestone it will bring us, it is possible to draw several different scenarios with different fundraising assumptions.

Profit and Loss

Profit and loss statement (P&L) This is a mandatory report in the business plan, the report will detail in a monthly section (usually representative for 18-24 months, sometimes even more) the income and expenses

Determination and measurement of KPI's relevant to the project

Presentation of KPI of the project, it is very important to know the KPI of the sector in which we operate, such as ARR, CAC, LTV, VOL and more

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