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Finance Controller & FP&A

A financial accountant is a very important position in the financial system, the position includes supervision of the day-to-day accounting work, preparation of budget and control reports, cash flow. The FP&A work includes analyzing reports and extracting business insights from the reports. The role of the financial accountant is important in budgeting and accounting, and raising flags ahead of time.

Preparation of a monthly and quarterly financial reporting package for management

Preparation of a reporting package for the company’s management and investors. The ongoing monitoring gives a reliable picture of the company, and enables decision-making based on the data.

Working with an external accountant in preparing audited reports and a tax report

Preparing the material for the accountant in a professional manner according to the relevant regulations, while maintaining a maximum level of professionalism.

Cash flow monitoring, reduction of currency exposures and collection monitoring

Overseeing the day-to-day work of the accounting department, solving day-to-day problems, and hermetically closing the month, including a valuation of assets and liabilities, and adjustment to the exchange rate.

Budget update and control Budget Vs Actual-BvA

Regular updating of the company’s budget and raising flags on time, allows problems to be dealt with even when they are small, and can be dealt with simply.

Tax reports in all areas of the company's activity according to local law

Regular reports to the tax authorities, performance and progress reports to the Innovation Authority, monitoring investments in banks, and dealing with currency exposure.

Preparation of daily, fortnightly and monthly flow reports, Burn Rate report

Continuous monitoring of cash in order to give a snapshot of where we are in relation to our plans. Regular monitoring of the bank’s movements allows timely detection of anomalies

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