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Local and International bookkeeping

Our Bookkeeping services at AccountX is managed on an advanced ERP system, we provide accounting in a Priority ERP system, SAP , ODOO and more.  We use automation systems for managing and receiving invoices. So we need less time in receiving documents manually, and we devote more time to the really important things, making adjustments, handling cash flow, and the company’s budget.

Receipt invoices from WhatsApp and Email

An advanced accounting system that allows you to send invoices on WhatsApp and receive them directly into the accounting system

The local and international bank account in the ERP system in the cloud

Our bookkeeping in accordance with accepted practices in Europe and the USA. Including work in the approved systems for bookkeeping abroad

Bank and credit card reconciliations on a daily and weekly basis

Reconciliation of banks and credit cards is one of the cornerstones of double-entry bookkeeping, that’s why we carry it out on a regular basis, and not as is customary once a month.

Automation to prevent errors by using OCR tools

We work with automation tools to receive supplier invoices, receipts, and automatic journal entries, using the most advanced tools

Bookkeping on SAP Priority, NetSuite, Odoo ERP Systems

According to the client’s requirement, the accounts will be managed in first-class ERP systems, including a connection to document management systems in the cloud 

Raising flags when identifying unusual invoices

Our accountants are trained to record income according to leading standards, such as working according to the international standard IFRS 15

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