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CFo Services

Strategic CFO Services, Responsibility for all financial aspects. In In order to succeed in this complex role-CFO, it is very important to have extensive experience in similar positions, to have a broad business understanding, and to establish a financial infrastructure suitable for advanced technological worlds.
At AccountX, CFO as a Service is managed by Zohar -CPA with about 20 years of rich experience in startups and technology companies, experience that will help you get your finances in order and get a current picture of the business, and even help with decision-making and growth.

Building financial and operational processes according to Most advanced Benchmark

Building procurement, marketing and sales processes, processes related to employee expenses and trips abroad, according to the best practices and accumulated experience of many years in companies

Cash raising strategy, and the financial preparation of the company for raising

The company entered recruitment, including a recruitment plan, a presentation to investors and a multi-year business plan that supports the company’s data

Preparation and approval of an annual budget, including performance monitoring

Preparation of a multi-departmental budget, involving all management layers in the company, in a regular meeting and raising flags while performing the control

Participation in management and board meetings, preparation of designated materials

Active participation in the board meetings in order to present and reflect the state of the company. including preparing materials and aids for meetings

Treatment of options for employees, Cap Table monitoring, international taxation

Handling everything related to employee options including the preparation of grant letters, reporting to the board of trustees and the income tax. Also keeping  the Cap Table updated

Determination and measurement of KPI's relevant to the company, including pricing

If we do not know how to measure the KPI of the company in a reliable way, we will not be able to improve and grow, it is the responsibility of the CFO to monitor, control and report the main KPI’s

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